Digital chain

A great financial invention

  • CFC has now begun to sweep the world, CFC R & D team and investors, is in a new language, the destruction of the current financial world can be recognized
    - John Merkel
  • CFC, which is not just a technological innovation, but also a new financial language, a refactoring of the financial world
    - Phil Jones

CFC interlinkages

CFC has launched gravitation, it can become with the physical goods, the real economy, and the circulation between the coins and exchange, it seems that all the things that can measure the value of the agreement, are moving closer to the CFC.

This process is the CFC from the virtual world, to the real world. CFC, a new financial civilization; CFC, a world-class phenomenon.

CFC difference

To be sure, the current CFC and credit currency, is parallel to the cross in circulation, and then parallel to a form. For CFC, this is a milestone event in the history of money development.

Perhaps the future of CFC will reorganize the order of the world currency, and for the current widespread production of various types of CFC applications, perhaps the founder of this new financial civilization, and promoters.

CFC properties


The security and control of funds


Flexible transparency

As the current block chain market is relatively optimistic, coupled with the fixed supply of CFC, with the rapid increase in the user, CFC currency will inevitably grow rapidly.