Shocked the industry's core computing technology, instant analysis of the block chain application technology


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Mobile payment

The mobile client only needs two steps to complete the payment - scan, pay. No need to register, no credit card, no need to enter the password, no need to sign

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Multi - signature account

The multi-signature allows the BRC network to accept the transaction only if it has reached a certain number of members who have agreed to sign the transaction in a given group

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Anti-fraud control

The CFC network provides users with protection against the most common frauds, such as refunds and unnecessary charges, while CFCs can not be imitated


The current virtual currency circulation transactions, are branding the eternal track of the development of the times, virtual digital currency is the inevitable product of historical development.

  • The use of block chain to the centralization of the advantages of building a global self-confidence in the financial. Trade, travel, shopping, payment, trade and other global recycling ecology chain!
    - Patrick Stuard
  • Remove the crux of the problem, overcome technical difficulties, again and again to build the original relationship has nothing to do with the chain of interest, reshape the new pattern.
    - Sarah James

About CFC

CFC is based on P2P technology operation, to the center, without the central management agencies or banks to manage. As long as the Internet, you can in every corner of the world remittances to the rest of the world.

The digital chain is an extremely great financial invention, the degree of subversion equal to the payment tool

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